Stuck Indoors? Great Ways to Have a Productive Workout Anyway

Stuck Indoors? Great Ways to Have a Productive Workout Anyway


Old man winter is up to his old tricks again and throwing everything he’s got at you to keep you from your morning jog! This is definitely the time of year when your body resists getting out of bed the most. And it’s certainly the time when outdoor exercise appears on the bottom of your “To Do” list.


But who ever said you would have to venture out into the snow to get your fitness fix?


Getting a fully satisfying workout is possible even when you’re stuck indoors. All it takes is a little creativity and drive to keep up with your fitness regimen.


Consider these great ways to stay fit until it’s warm enough to go outside:


  1.     Get creative with chores. Household chores are actually helpful when it comes to burning calories. If you’re home and snowed in, you might as well kill two birds with one stone – work out while getting the house tidy.


  1.     Use your house to your advantage. If you take a moment to look around, you’ll realize that your house has more alternatives for workout equipment than your local gym! Take a look at these ideas for using the house to your fitness advantage:



  1.     Use workout DVDs. A good 30-minute boot camp might just be what you need to stay on track with your fitness regimen.


  1.     Hang out with the kids. Make it a fun day and enjoy yourself romping around with the kids. You’ll get plenty of exercise, burn lots of calories, and make warm memories you’ll all remember for years to come!


If you want to achieve consistency with your fitness efforts, the last thing you should think about is taking a break from exercise because you’re snowed in. Take advantage of the weather and get all the exercise you need indoors without feeling like a slave to the workout!

11 Heart-Healthy Foods That Lower Cholesterol

The world's leading cause of death is heart disease, with high cholesterol linked to an increased risk of developing this condition.

More and more people are concerned about their cholesterol levels and how to lower them naturally. Did you know that medications are not the only absolute when it comes to lowering your cholesterol levels? Most people think about foods to avoid when they want to lower their cholesterol. However, there are also certain foods that can lower cholesterol, and eating good for your foods (that also lower your cholesterol) does not need to take years. Just a month of intentional eating can move the needle toward better numbers and balance!

Consider these heart-healthy foods:

1. Legumes. Legumes include food such as beans, soybeans, peas, and lentils. They contain lots of fiber, protein, and minerals.

● Consider this healthy idea: replace refined grains and processed meat with legumes and you can lower your risk of developing heart disease.

2. Avocados. These fruits are a rich source of monounsaturated fats and fiber, both of which can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol levels (HDL).

3. Nuts. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are full of monounsaturated fats. They also contain phytosterols, which are a plant compound that can help lower cholesterol. It does this by blocking its absorption in your intestines.

● Almonds are a good source of L-arginine, which is an amino acid that helps regulate your blood pressure.

● Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated fats linked to good heart health.

4. Fatty fish. Fatty fish like salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids that can increase good cholesterol, which will help to lower inflammation and also reduce the risk of suffering a stroke. It is also believed that fish protein has certain peptides that help to protect your heart.

5. Whole grains. Whole grains (sprouted is best), in particular oats and barley, have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease with both found to contain beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol.

6. Fruits and berries. These are another source of soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol. Fruit is also a good source of bioactive compounds that contain various antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits. These can help prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases.

7. Dark chocolate. The main ingredient in dark chocolate, cocoa, has been proven to lower bad cholesterol. It can also reduce blood pressure too.

● The one issue with chocolate is that it is high in added sugar, which can have a negative impact on your heart health. This is why it’s healthier to opt for dark chocolate with a cocoa content above 75%.

8. Garlic. Garlic contains numerous healthy plant compounds, which include allicin. Research has found that garlic can help reduce cholesterol and may help to lower the blood pressure in people who currently have high blood pressure.

9. Vegetables. Vegetables are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. They are also low in calories, so they’re also essential if you are looking to keep slim and healthy.

10. Teas. Teas (organic) such as green tea, black tea, and white tea contain two compounds shown to improve heart health.

● Catechins are one of these compounds and this has been shown to promote healthy blood pressure.

● The second compound is called quercetin, which may improve the function of your blood vessels and lower inflammation.

11. Dark leafy greens. Greens like kale and spinach are a good source of lutein and various other carotenoids, with both being linked to a reduced risk of developing heart disease.

● Lutein has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and prevent cholesterol from binding to your artery walls.

● Carotenoids on the other hand help to remove free radicals from your system, which will prevent hardening of the arteries.

These heart-healthy foods will help to lower cholesterol levels. Add them to your weekly shopping list for meals that can help your longevity and quality of life.