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Nancy Lin, PhD

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Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D. is a Holistic Nutritionist, who believes in honest and optimum wellness through fundamental lifestyle practices. Dr. Nancy believes in an integrative, comprehensive, and functional approach to your body and brain’s best ability with emphasis on addressing the root cause of health issues, not just treating symptoms. Her use of food with dietary supplements, and functional movement…

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Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D. a holistic nutritionist, health researcher, wellness coach and international health educator. Her educational and product videos on topics ranging from addressing chronic pain naturally, to effective tips for improving mental and emotional health, have well over a billion views on the internet, with product sales from her videos and articles exceeding $80 million.

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Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D. is a certified yoga and fitness instructor, an avid runner and athlete, and has completed over 30 distance races, including 25 marathons in California. She is a lead health coach in her own body transformation programs, offered in over 100 countries. Dr. Nancy leads virtual classes to corporate groups, community groups, senior centers, as well as elementary and high schools…

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My Books

Pre-Order Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D.’s most anticipated book coming soon! “Dr. Nancy’s 21 Days to a Leaner, More Energetic and Pain Free You!”
Dr. Nancy has put together all the research she has done over the decades and designed the best program to reboot, reprogram and catapult you toward your goals of living your best life. Through Dr. Nancy’s 5 Pillar Practice of Health, and Medi-Merican eating lifestyle, she will thoroughly explain that the root cause of most chronic disease and body discomfort pain is something that can be uncovered, managed and controlled.
Dr. Nancy also has a wonderful 21 Day Workbook that will guide you step by step through your health transformation. This is a motivating and inspirational guide that helps you to journal your way to your new healthy life!
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My Videos

Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D. has dedicated her professional career to helping people all over the world feel better, alleviate joint pain and discomforts, lose weight, gain energy, sleep better, manage their stress, and optimize their overall health. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has her extensive training in mental health and physical rehabilitation.

Dr.Nancy also has an 8 Part head-to-toe video series examines how inflammation damages the body, especially your major joints such as your shoulders, back, hips, and knees.

Each part in the 8 part series will deal with a specific body area, and Dr. Nancy will demonstrate stretches and exercises you can do to improve the strength and flexibility of the area and help the pain and discomforts melt away.

You can also follow along with her 58 page E-guide, “Dr. Nancy’s Top Tips and Exercises to Alleviate Chronic Joint Pain and Discomforts,” and take an in-depth look at what causes pain and discomfort in each body area and learn the most effective exercises, stretches, foods, dietary support aids, and lifestyle tips to help relieve (and avoid) common, age-related conditions that can lead to excess wear and tear, joint pain, decreased flexibility, weakness, lack of mobility and an overall decreased quality of life.

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We believe in honest and optimum wellness achieved through fundamental lifestyle practices. Our memberships give you complete access to Dr. Nancy Lin's work and a path to a better you.
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