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I Will Free Myself From Guilt

Whether or not you think you actually "deserve" the guilt you harbor inside you, it's never a healthy emotion to hold onto in your life. Dr. Nancy talks about how and when guilt can surface and how to deal with certain failures and let go of limiting and guilty beliefs.

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I Use My Failures As a Stepping Stone

Accepting failure as a part of life and knowing that possible failures are common occurrences in any given moment will allow your life to become easier to manage. In fact, your level of success increases when you are comfortable with failing. Dr. Nancy guides you to change your perspective on failing and use it to your advantage. Each time something doesn't go the way you plan, seek to find the understanding behind the information and know that the more you can observe and understand, the more capable you'll become.

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Ways to Feel More Hopeful

Dr. Nancy discusses how you can cultivate more hope for better total health and wellbeing. Healthy optimism is about facing the current present moment of reality, understanding why certain emotions may be surfacing and what to do about doubts and fears. Overcoming discouragement may require some effort, but the benefits are enormous. Hope increases motivation, so you’re more likely to persevere and succeed. For a fuller and more satisfied everday, and to practice adopting a more hopeful attitude, Dr. Nancy gives her favorite ideas for creating a brighter tomorrow.

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Finding Peace Amist Grief

Dr. Nancy helps you to find peace in the middle of unsurmmountable hardships. The state of grief confronts even the most emotionally sturdy people, so feeling like you’re not able to handle what you’re facing is a challenge that we all face from time to time. As hard as it may be to accept, though, any affliction, hurt or pain you are experiencing helps to shape the person you are. Making your way through the tunnel of all the emotions that may bubble up says a lot about your ability to overcome the worst, the uncertain, build more resiliancy and return to a better space, a place of peace and hopefully contentment.

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Transforming Grief Into Joy

Grief is one the hardest things to overcome, and each person processes their grief differently. Dr. Nancy helps to guide the listener through their own journey through loss and grief and ways to handle the transitions between the emotions and understandings better. Living in perpetual grief is no way to live a full and abundant life. The question is still remains: is it possible to transform your grief into joy so your grief doesn't overtake you? Dr. Nancy's tips are included in this meditation. Here are a few strategies you can use to help turn your grief into joy.

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Eliminate Fear of Rejection

What would your life look like if you were free from worrying about the opinions of others? What if seeking the approval of other people failed to enter your mind? How would it change your life? Our lives are negatively can be influenced by the fear of rejection, and debilitating stress. It could hold you back in so many ways and limit your ability to experience the positive aspects of life. Dr. Nancy helps you to understand and consider ways to eliminate existing or lingering thoughts of limiting beliefs and gives you ways that will help you to banish fears of rejection.

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Throughout the Day I am Filled With Energy

When you feel good about life, you'll naturally have more passion for it. One way to cultivate more consistent feelings about happiness, no matter what your current circumstance, is to focus on the many wonderful things that come your way. Dr. Nancy walks you through ways to eek out the silver lining and other positive and magnificent people, situations and events in your life. You'll start to feel more energetic and excited about all your possibilities, and recommit daily to a self-care practice if you're in search for more sustaining energy!

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Happiness Depends on My Efforts

Your efforts determine your individual happiness. If you are committed to doing whatever it takes to be content, it is an achievement that is within your control. Dr. Nancy guides you to consider your thoughts, how you speak to yourself daily and encourages you to choose thoughts and actions that bring more joy into your life.

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I Can Reduce Everyday Stress In My Life

Do you want to better manage the stress that comes in and out of your life everyday? Listen as Dr. Nancy helps to guide you through the short process of reducing such stressful thoughts to a minimun.

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Go From Stuck to Unstuck

If you find yourself stuck, perhaps it's time to explore the reasons why. With some simple self-exploration you can pinpoint the areas of your life that require change. It may require you to leave your comfort zone, but in the end you'll likely find that it was all worth it!

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5 Excuses That Derail Success

No matter how impossible you might think something is to accomplish, there's someone out there getting it done anyway. Most often, excuses are a way to justify fear of failure, fear of success, or a lack of resolve. Excuses get in the way of success and living fully. Dr. Nancy Lin helps you to hear and feel, that by overcoming your excuses, success becomes much more likely!

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I Overcome Divorce/ Separation with Grace

Going through a separation or divorce can truly feel exasperating. Dr. Nancy Lin helps you find the peace among the unexected and sometimes turbulent events and feelings surrounding a divorce / separation.

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I Have the Strength to Walk Away from Unhealthy Relationships

Dr. Nancy gives positive affirmations and guides you through setting healthy boundaries and cultivating the personal strength to walk away from a relationship that is unhealthy. Your personal wellbeing is your number one priority. If someone threatens your peace and happiness by being mentally abusive, have the strength to let go of that toxic connection and have the strength to walk away.

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Proper Nutrition Keeps My Body In Excellent Working Order

Your food choices and what you consume during your meals is a direct reflection of how you feel about myself. If you choose to make healthy choices in food, you will serve your body well and feel energetic, happy and balanced, year rould. If you do not already feel this way, don't worry. Dr. Nancy will help get you there!

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I Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

Is falling asleep and staying in your slumber difficult? If you are tired of being tired, Dr Nancy will lull you to a sweet space of relaxation, so you can begin looking forward to a good night of sleep each and every night. You'll notice how prepping for bedtime will leave you with a smile on your face when it is time to go to bed.

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I Am Calm In Frustrating Situations

How do you act/react in frustrating situations? If you would like to cultivate better anger or reactivity control during moments of stress and uncertainty, then this podcast is for you. Dr. Nancy will help you harness the mindset so you can better navigate those rough waters.

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I Make Decisions That Support My Highest Good

Do you make decisions that support your best interest and highest good? Dr. Nancy will help you be more mindful when making a decisions-- to consider how your decisions and options impact your overall life.

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