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If you are looking for a way to reach your desired goals, have access to science backed and solution-based programs that are designed to lead you to a leaner, happier, purposeful and pain free YOU, then you’ve come to the right place!

This is 5 Pillars of Living, a comprehensive and “whole body” approach to ultimate health and wellness from the inside out, led by Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD. It is here that Dr. Nancy uses interactive weekly lives, personal one-on-one sessions, small groups, recorded videos, e-guides and e-books, podcasts, blog articles, worksheets, courses, and a supportive community village hub to best guide you on your individualized health and fitness journey.

Your exclusive membership into this monthly, content rich hub, will help you discover, address, fine tune and implement tools and action plans that balance the most important foundations of the human mind and body to get you to your personal goals better.

With Dr. Nancy’s natural and comprehensive approach and her 5 Pillars of Living practice, you’ll better balance and optimize most areas of your life, like your interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relationships, your mind health and how to better manage stress, your body’s system functioning and sleep hygiene, reduce inflammatory toxins in and around your living environment and adopt nurturing and positive life sustaining practices, and so much more. The 5 Pillars of Living include the Nutrition Pillar, Physical Pillar, Mental/Emotional Pillar, Environmental Pillar, and Spiritual Pillar.

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Benefits of Memberships


Membership includes one FREE e-book or e-guide of the month written by Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD and provides the tools to make lasting and effective changes toward a better you. The expanding library of her literary resources takes her 5 Pillars of Living approach, the most natural and holistic approach to living your best life.

Dr. Nancy’s complete library of hardcopy books as well as her e-books and e-guides are always available for purchase, anytime.

Members receive a 25% off of all literature resources.


Membership includes access to all of Dr. Nancy’s carefully curated worksheets that help to identify, map out and implement effective solution-based protocols that aim to guide you through your individual mind/body health and wellness journey.


Membership includes science based, solution driven, and thoughtfully curated blogs that are whole-bodied, whole-person focused. These articles aim to cover a wide range of health and fitness concerns with respect to the 5 Pillars of Healing perspective. Topics such as, “Top Foods That Heal Gut Issues”, “Improve Your Immune System by Doing These 5 Things”, “Ways to Get Better Sleep”, “Stretches That Alleviate Body Aches”, “Proven Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety”, “Lose Weight for Good” and “Ways to Rid Your Home of Toxins” are examples of such interesting and relative reading materials you can expect to find. If there is a wellness topic you’d like to learn more about, Dr. Nancy will cover it. . . Just ask!

Dr. Nancy LIVE Office Hours

Membership includes access to Dr. Nancy’s LIVE Office Hours

Each week Dr. Nancy will cover an important and relevant topic that she will discuss through a private Zoom group. Office Hours are not just limited to a discussion, however. Video demonstrations on exercises and stretches, cooking demos, guided meditations and wellness experiments are also part of what you can expect during her weekly Office Hours. These are interactive and you will be able to ask your own questions relative to the topics at hand as well. If you miss any LIVE Office Hours, no sweat! These are all recorded and archived for you to watch at your convenience—which is also included in your membership.

Village Hub

Membership also includes unlimited access and participation in Dr. Nancy’s exclusive membership Village Hub, an extensive and supportive platform where only members can go to access Dr. Nancy LIVE OFFICE HOURS each week with dedicated discussions, video demonstrations, guided meditations, exercises and stretches and more. This Village Hub is created with YOUR best interest in mind and adds in the power of community, where best practices, other expert advice, testimonies, and inquiries will thrive.

Think of this space as

Accountability + Experience + Authenticity + Community= Village Hub. 

Direct One-on-One with Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD

Direct access to expert advice with Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD. If you are needing customized and specialized programs efficiently designed with your needs (nutritional, fitness, chronic pain, personal development, family, relationship), reserve a consultation time with Dr. Nancy. Your needs matter and Dr. Nancy will ensure proper time and attention to get you on the right track to feeling and living your best and deserving life.

$175 USD/hour

*Consultation price does not include individualized program/protocol.

Members get a 25% discount on 1-hour consultations.


Dr. Nancy has created introspective, implementable, awe-inspiring and life changing courses that are outlined and sequenced in a way that is easy to understand, follow, practice, and adopt. The concepts include science-backed and solution-based information that is highlighted under each topic and aims to build healthy habits--one after another (while ridding the bad habits that keep you feeling stuck). The timeline of these courses varies and are either offered Scheduled and LIVE or Recorded and Self-Paced.

Members receive 50% off All Courses.

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Nancy’s corporate and small business wellness program aims to empower, inspire, and engage people to find the spark that drives them toward both collective and personal success. Her carefully curated programs are custom tailored to each company’s specific and relevant culture and goals.

When Dr. Nancy helps companies build a lasting competitive advantage, you’ll know that your organization will help evolve healthier, more engaged, purposeful, and connected humans, aligned with the same driving mission relevant to your existing HR programs, benefits, and tools they will learn to use.

Through a personalized user interface or in-person experience, Dr. Nancy will create your own company’s corporate well-being program, complete with all the bells and whistles.

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"We do not need more gadgets or things to change ourselves or the world. We possess all we need for joy and creativity to flow. We are complete in our self-worth and capabilities. All we need to do is start. Begin somewhere, believe you can do it, learn the right tools, try your best and watch the power of positive change catapult you to where you desire to go.”


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We believe in honest and optimum wellness achieved through fundamental lifestyle practices. Our memberships give you complete access to Dr. Nancy Lin's work and a path to a better you.
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