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Finding Peace Amist Grief

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I Use My Failures As a Stepping Stone

Accepting failure as a part of life and knowing that possible failures are common occurrences in any given moment will allow your life to become easier to manage. In fact, your level of success increases when you are comfortable with failing. Dr. Nancy guides you to change your perspective on failing and use it to your advantage. Each time something doesn't go the way you plan, seek to find the understanding behind the information and know that the more you can observe and understand, the more capable you'll become.
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Ways to Feel More Hopeful

Dr. Nancy discusses how you can cultivate more hope for better total health and wellbeing. Healthy optimism is about facing the current present moment of reality, understanding why certain emotions may be surfacing and what to do about doubts and fears. Overcoming discouragement may require some effort, but the benefits are enormous. Hope increases motivation, so you’re more likely to persevere and succeed. For a fuller and more satisfied everday, and to practice adopting a more hopeful attitude, Dr. Nancy gives her favorite ideas for creating a brighter tomorrow.
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Transforming Grief Into Joy

Grief is one the hardest things to overcome, and each person processes their grief differently. Dr. Nancy helps to guide the listener through their own journey through loss and grief and ways to handle the transitions between the emotions and understandings better. Living in perpetual grief is no way to live a full and abundant life. The question is still remains: is it possible to transform your grief into joy so your grief doesn't overtake you? Dr. Nancy's tips are included in this meditation. Here are a few strategies you can use to help turn your grief into joy.
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