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Being Kind to Ourselves. Permission and Love

Being Kind to Ourselves. Permission and Love

I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.


It oozes out of my heart, into my bloodstream, my arms, and legs, out the top of my head and shoots down from my feet, deep into the ground of which I find myself always running on.

I am even more grateful for the people around me that help serve others, that are raising families, that are working to keep our society flowing, that offer enlightening concepts, inventors, scientists, children and their energy, as well as their sweet and bright outlooks on life, talents on a streaming media platform to brighten up a routine day.

I am grateful for my family, my children, the warm sunshine and my ability to wake up day after day and feel this way through obstacles sometimes challenge my perception of my knowing gratitude.

Actually, even though I do feel this much gratitude, I do still have to constantly face that critic in my head, day by day, and talk to her.

I have to tell her that everything in our lives is put here to teach us something and we can use the tools around us to learn from it when the time is vibrationally right.

It is a skill to kindly talk to that anxious and sometimes pessimistic internal self-critic. Sometimes I am too tired to talk. Or listen.

I wanted to write a short blog about giving ourselves permission.

Intentional love and permission.

Permission to enjoy what makes us happy and to be more patient and kind to ourselves.

We are (heard a million times) our own worst critic.

No one will look out for ourselves like we will. It is so important to raise our deserving power each and every day.

This is easier said than done because our society makes money and is filthy rich from throwing into our faces the idea that we are not good enough for anyone (so we must buy something to be better).

I challenge others to detach from that "material" notion (whether conscious or subliminally).

I challenge others to let go of anything that seems un-kind and non-organic.

✯ Let go of situations and relationships that do not raise ourselves up, build our own characters and somas into something that is even better than what we each are now.
✯ Let go of that boot camp mentality ("no pain, no gain") and instill a much more nurturing routine and outlook.
✯ Less drilling and more flowing.
✯ Less screaming and rushing around.
✯ More yoga. More breathing.
✯ More life-giving and living foods. Less processed and dead foods.
✯ More charity and service to others.
✯ Less self-loathing and beating ourselves up.

This means, starting from the moment we wake up, practicing gratitude and not re-hashing what could have been, what could be and living in the past or future.

Be present. Be kind. To YOURSELF.

Taking moments throughout the day to silence the demands that others have on you and that you have on yourself is a great practice.

✯ Meditation or yoga is a good way to do this.

✯ Shutting down the electronics around you and walking in the soil outside with the sunshine on your face is a good goal to have as well.
✯ Using grounding and calming or uplifting blends of essential oils can help as well. No need to reach for the miracle in a prescription bottle when alternative tools that address the root of the happiness problem are available.
✯ Acupuncture.
✯ Music that moves the body and spirit.
✯ Reach out to a kind friend. One that lifts you up and helps you see things the way (Anna from Disney's Frozen) does. . . optimistic, and never giving up. Puppies. The beach.

I like what Aristotle said, "You are what you do."

Do gratitude. Do kindness. Do Love. Do Happiness.

We are scientifically the combination of the 7 people we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis. We have a choice of who we choose to be around. Yes, most of us do. Choose wisely.

There is much unrest in the world right now.

My heart cries for those who are suffering. I feel like I want to do so much and help everyone, and cannot.

I am doing what I can, however, to spread knowledge, compassion, and education so more can be done to help others in need.

Every situation is relative.

The child dying from Ebola in West Africa is not worse off than the family who lost their home due to the Hurricane in Mexico. And that family is not suffering less compared to the millions fighting for democratic freedom in China.

Yes, there are families starving and homeless too in my very own town. We have to focus on our own "now" and our life blueprint.

I am not saying ignore others. I am saying that our life situation is not as bad as we may think it is.

There are ways to seek out the silver lining in each situation. And in the grand scheme of things, if we were to only take a snapshot of what we feel is the last straw that broke the camel's back, (and if we were to view our problems from space. . . ) everything will be okay.

May not seem like it at the time we are feeling our worst, but our minds can help to draw us forward and with that movement, we will continue to thrive.

Remember: Be kind to yourself. To others.

We are all human capable of mistakes and forgiveness. Give yourself permission to receive love and be happy. Share that with others. Raise your deserving power and be okay with where you are.

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