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Eat Yourself Thin with Amazing Sprinkle Flavoring Minerals?

Eat Yourself Thin with Amazing Sprinkle Flavoring Minerals?


Not many diet infomercials excite me nowadays. Probably because I have learned that there really is no shortcut or miracle supplement people can eat, chew, and drink or rub on that will melt fat and get rid of body weight. Well, not in the most optimally healthy manner, anyways. Or is there?

Maybe if there was a weight loss aid out there that people can sprinkle on their fried, fat and fast food that would just help people drop 30lbs in six months. Wait. What're the 1-800 numbers on that infomercial again? I have just got to learn more about this amazing product!

It’s called Sensa, and it was developed and manufactured by Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist, and psychiatrist, who claims that by simply sprinkling flavoring minerals, made of maltodextrin and silica, subjects lose in excess of 30 pounds within a six month period.

What caught my eye in the infomercial was an attractive, young and happy couple sprinkling Sensa onto a large order of fries, while the energetic narrator in an almost auctioneer’s voice sang “and you never have to exercise. It’s that easy!”

That’s not all folks! Sensa is clinically proven to work because Dr. Hirsch himself proclaims that there is a study peer reviewed by his esteemed colleagues at the Endocrine Society, claiming that test subjects did indeed lose over 30lbs while using Sensa. Sounds too good to be true? Anything that sounds this promising and backed by an M.D. and peer-reviewed clinical studies should not warrant further research into the validity of the product’s reliability and value--right (shrugging shoulders)?

Working in holistic nutrition has taught me to look at the many different sides of medicine: Western vs. Eastern medicine, pharmaceutical vs. naturopathic, food as medicine vs. drugs as medicine, etc. It has also taught me to be dubious of miracle pathways to health and wellness using one food or drug. Of course, the path to optimal wellness has many synergistic factors that must be balanced and tended to regularly. So needless to say, with some doubt (but hope as well that there really exists a miracle sprinkle out there) I began researching this Sensa.

Actually, Sensa is its new name. Back in 2004, Dr. Hirsch introduced to the world a very similar product called Sprinkle Thin, where the same bold claims of amazing weight loss and “clinically proven to lose weight” appeared in television and health magazines. Sprinkle Thin did not make it over a year before it went out of business.

So how does Sensa work?

More specifically, Sensa sprinklings are flavor-enhancing ‘flakes’ made from maltodextrin, tribasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, and flavorings. Its usage allows consumers to have their food flavors amplified in both scent and flavor. Scientifically speaking, these scents and flavors in turn trick the brain and belly into thinking you are full, which is not entirely bogus. There are other scents tricking weight loss aids for sale on the market as well. Happy Scent (scent loose powder in tiny jars) and Slim Scents (scent pens) are designed for consumers to sniff assorted scents for three to five minutes before eating.

Surprisingly, studies done by some science laboratories claim that participants lost an incredible amount of weight while using these products. Not surprisingly, those same laboratory studies were funded by the weight loss product companies themselves.

And just one more thing about Sensa’s claim of clinically proven weight loss study. The Endocrine Society supporting the claim that test subjects lost 30lbs+ using Sensa, in fact, states that no such study was ever reviewed and mentioned that they were quite  “surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation” that aired on ABC’s 20/20 news report in 2008. What did the medical doctor, Dr. Hirsch have to say about that? When finally sought out for a statement, Dr. Hirsch did acknowledge some mistakes in the selling of the scientifically unproven Sensa sprinkle flakes.

 Take away:

Is Sensa the best $289 for a six month supply that you are going to spend? If this product does work for consumers, it will not teach people to make healthier and better food choices in the short or long run.

Be it cayenne pepper, saffron extract, raspberry ketone extract, cinnamon powder and honey or any other sprinkle-a-ble, drinkable, or edible miracle food. . . do your research before consumption and know that the path to optimal health and wellness (whatever your definition of that maybe), is a holistic approach. No one food or weight loss supplement will be the end-all search for health and happiness. (Oh yeah, and second guess infomercials. They are designed for you to want knives that cut through leather shoes AND tomatoes).

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