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Ebola Outbreak. Fact or Fiction?

Ebola Outbreak. Fact or Fiction?


It's not just a popular 1995 American medical disaster film staring Dustin Hoffman. Ebola is a very rare but serious disease, killing more than 90% of those who become infected. For those in West Africa who are fighting the spread and contamination currently, it is the worst nightmare. Ebola is not forgiving and is a smart killer, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are reassuring people of the United States that an outbreak has never and will never happen in the states. But the reality is that the burning of the infected corpses in low temperatures of African Countries could possibly be spreading the disease from the smoke. There are already many of the healthcare professionals working on these crises diagnosed positive for Ebola. What's going to happen to them?

Ebola spreads like a common cold and virus, from contact with infected persons through skin to skin contact, airborne and bodily fluids.

Symptoms of Ebola may include:

❣ headaches
❣ loss of appetite
❣ high fever
❣ joint and muscle aches
❣ stomach pains
❣ internal and external bleeding
❣ sore throat.

Pretty much, this progressive disease will cause the immune system to become compromised and will impair the body's ability to coagulate and clot blood. People die from the massive internal and external bleeding.

People who travel to and from countries with Ebola outbreaks (Central and West Africa) are heavily monitored and the airport and air line personnel have been well trained to identify infected persons and quarantine them. Though Ebola does share symptoms with Cholera and Malaria, only a blood test will rule if a person is infected with Ebola.

Prevention towards infections such as Ebola and other such diseases include:

❣ Washing hands with soap and water for 25 seconds often.
❣ Avoid contact with infected people and traveling to infected areas (Africa outbreaks).
❣ Have infected corps disinfected professionally before burial.
❣ Wear gloves, masks and eye shields as well as follow infection protocol. Call the CDC.
❣ Dispose of used needles and sterilize other medical instruments.
❣ Avoid eating bush meet (nonhuman primates and other meats sold in local markets) of infected areas.



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