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Fat Burning Workouts and How to Lose Weight at Home (Deblina Biswas)

Fat Burning Workouts and How to Lose Weight at Home (Deblina Biswas)


You have been trying to lose weight for ages, but just can’t seem to hit that weight goal. Seem familiar? What if we told you of a few exercises which will help you shed weight super-fast? It may seem impossible, considering how hard you’ve already tried, but we bet you did not try these cardio exercises, which will let you go into a fat burning overdrive!  Introducing these short bursts of cardio can jazz up your workouts like no other. You need to give your exercise routine a makeover. Boring workouts equate to cheating on your workouts. However bizarre it may seem, it’s true because you will keep finding reasons to avoid your exercise regime when you get tired of the same old workout routine. So now you know you need to do cardio exercises, but do you know why?

Top Benefits of Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts or cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate and increases blood circulation. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and spend most of your day sitting instead of moving, you need to totally change your attitude to fitness, because “Sitting is the new smoking.” You definitely feel the tension on your shoulders, on your neck, your aching limbs, everywhere after a tiring day.

So what is the remedy for all these problems? Movement, of course! Here, movement in the form of cardio exercises is the key it will answer your question on how to lose weight at home http://www.thefitindian.com/5-minute-fat-burning-workouts-at-home-best-exercises-to-lose-weight/.

Find out more about the benefits of cardio exercises:

❤ It improves your heart health
❤ Boosts your metabolism
❤ Helps in balancing hormones
❤ Recover quickly with cardio
❤ Manage diabetes

The Best Cardio Workouts

The minute you think of cardio workouts, you think of running on the treadmill, or twisting and turning on the elliptical. But what we don’t know is that cardio is simply not what we do at the gym on machines, and is not the only way of staying in shape. Don’t just go through the motions looking at the clock continuously hoping that the workout gets over soon. Try and maximize its fat burning abilities and muscle-building prowess. Try these power-packed exercises and reap the benefits.

Walkingwalking barefoot

It is regarded as a great fat burning cardio routine for beginners and people who are obese or injured. Walking is not only a great way to lose weight, but is also the first step towards your fitness goal; it is much lesser in intensity in comparison to other methods.

It is said that the lower the intensity of an activity, the number of calories burnt will be lesser. As per unit of time, walking is still said to be effective! It is even said that everyone should aim for at least 10,000 steps per day to lose weight.

Runningrunning knee

Running is definitely one step up to walking. It is an efficient, intensive and impactful way to lose body fat and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. Running burns oodles of calories.

It also works on the hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles; thus forming a great lower body workout. Running also uses the arms, thus helping burn calories efficiently. It burns a whopping 600 calories per hour.

Circuit Training

This is a great workout which combines aerobic moves with strengthening ones. You need to balance your rest and recovery period. If you think that you have exerted yourself too much, take that water break and then start again. The idea is to go all out. Mixing the moves gives it an effective touch.


Plyometric moves are a favorite with newbies at the fitness game and also people who have been at it for ages. Squats, jump squats and burpees are all examples of plyometric exercises. It is a metabolic conditioning movement done with maximum force. Instead of stretching your workouts till you are dog tired, go out for several minutes and you will definitely get the results.


Like rowing, swimming is also a superlative option for a total body workout, as it helps in burning a great number of calories. Though it is a highly intense workout, it does not harm the joints as it works in the weightless environment of water, so you have fewer chances of getting injured.

Another interesting feature which should keep your interest piqued is that you can try different kinds of strokes, to target different muscle groups; this variation in intensity can help you burn a lot more calories.

Jump Rope

It is a high impact activity that helps burn 1000 calories per hour. Jumping rope can prove to be a great aerobic workout if done properly. It can also work on the muscles of your calves and shoulders, as it particularly works on them. Mastering jump rope can be dicey and it needs a lot of getting used to. It is a tough one, probably the toughest among all the aerobic exercises; you need skill, focus, strength, and patience to jump rope effectively.

It is not a very favored aerobic method, but it is definitely effective, considering it burns a great number of calories per hour than even rowing, over 1000 calories, and is more effective when used for shorter bursts. The continuous stretch of this exercise can impact your lower leg or hip. So, you need to do this exercise judiciously. You can make it a part if your HIIT workouts and reap its benefits.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most popular and effective methods to burn body fat. The best part about HIIT is that it can easily substitute a long workout, as it is of shorter duration but can burn a good many calories in comparison to its longer counterparts; it is a short workout but ends up burning an immense number of calories. HIIT incorporates high-intensity aerobic work with a very high-intensity feature to ensure maximum fat burning. The metabolic rate gets a boost and it continues to be in overdrive, which lasts for over 24 hours after training. The body gets used to a steady rate of regular aerobic training, and the fat burning also stalls after a short while, as the same pace is employed throughout the duration of the workouts. The body then tries to conserve calories. HIIT, on the other hand, is different as the intensity is changed every few minutes or so.

Follow these Rules Before you start on your Cardio Workout

Cardio is fun, it is intense and makes you go with the flow, without thinking about the impact it will have on your body. More cardio does not mean more fat loss. Rather, smart implementation of cardio workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals.

❣ Do not push too hard
❣ Focus on optimal utilization of intensity time and frequency
❣ Hydrate yourself well

There is no doubt about the fact that cardio workouts help you shed the pounds quickly. But, no workout is effective without following a proper diet. It has to be a combination of the two. Also, rest and recuperation are very important as well, because when you sleep you enable your body to go into the fat burning mode.

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