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Get It All Out. . . On Canvas! (Monique Berg) 

Get It All Out. . . On Canvas! (Monique Berg) 


There are so many different ways that people relieve their stress, whether it’s through exercise, meditation or playing an instrument. Another way that people sometimes overlook is through a more creative outlet, like artwork.

Most people don't even consider art because they think they need to be good at it when anyone can do it. You don't even need proper art supplies because you can literally use anything to create art.   

I have been creating artwork my whole life, mainly drawing and painting and every time I sit down in front of a blank slate, the experience has the same effect.

Whatever I was feeling shows up in my work. It's almost as if the energy was drawn out from my fingers and into my pencil, charcoal or paintbrush and onto my canvas. I would get so lost in the repetitive motions that hours would go by and I wouldn't even notice.

Some people have a really difficult time getting their deepest most insecure feelings out in words and some people don't exactly want to talk about them, but creating something with your hands can help to relieve some of the stress that those feelings evoke without ever having to say a word.

In this way, art can be therapy for a lot of people. 

❃ Make sure you have something to work with whether it's a pad of paper and a pen, a ball of clay, crayons and a coloring book or oil paints and a canvas.
❃ Pick a setting that is comfortable.
❃ Choose music if that helps you relax or brings about feelings you want to express in your work.

Some people like a quiet place of solitude to work, some like to be surrounded by people and others like to be in their own home.

❃ Then just start making marks. You don't have to draw anything in particular unless you want to.

Make sure it is something interesting to you. If you aren't enjoying drawing, try painting or molding clay.

❃ Get lost in your thoughts and create according to the way you're feeling.  


You don't even have to complete your work. When you feel like you've done all you can, come back another day and see how your work changes.  It's always beneficial to look at what you've created and see how it makes you feel because your work says a lot about what is going on inside your body and your mind. 

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