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Getting In Balance (Edwin Crum)

Getting In Balance (Edwin Crum)


Consider every crumb of food you chew, every drop of liquid you swallow, every zero calories artificially sweetened chemical you ingest...a drug. Your relationship with these drugs will shape and mold the physical landscape of your reality. Without having to look too long or hard around you, the effects of overdosing can be easily seen.

To live well and eat well is to maintain the balance between the foods providing sustenance and nourishment and those which make our taste buds dance. Achieving this balance is first about understanding it is not a 50:50 ratio. Living well and eating well generally calculates out to eating well about 85-90% of the time depending upon your activity levels and genetic make-up and taking the other 10-15% to splurge on a culinary adventure or comfort food special.  sb10062327o-001

For most of the population, this means avoiding sugars and starches and heavily processed foods stripped of nutrients and loaded with fillers and garbage instead. This means avoiding the daily scone or muffin or a breakfast sandwich at the local coffee shop in addition to the grande sugar-free vanilla latte for which you probably overpaid. 85-90% of the time is about getting back to basics and eating lean meats such as chicken, fish, and game and fresh nutrient-dense vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots and the like. Even fruits should be used sparingly by the bulk of the population defined by their bulk. Consume your fruits prior to or after a workout depending upon the demands of the activity. If just eating fruits for breakfast, stick with berries to limit the quantity and sugar content and if you opt for a banana, cut it in half and break it into two snacks to slow the insulin release. Put the poisons down and get your intake back in balance.  

Are you currently in balance in a manner conducive to eating and living well? Is your reflection in the mirror an adequate representation of you at mealtime? As I take the time to advise you on all elements affecting your performance and level of physical fitness, I challenge you to first assess the ratio of right to wrong in your diet. If you are not exercising enough or exercising at all, first consider what fuel you are going to feed the system as you prepare to make improvements and kick your metabolism and health into rapid fire.


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