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Happier Earth-Anti-Aging, Better Mind and Heart Health: Just Be Kind 

Happier Earth-Anti-Aging, Better Mind, and Heart Health: Just Be Kind


Not just on Earth day or Thanksgiving or Christmas, but every day.

We should practice being kind and selfless every day. Most every person operates on a level where they are independent; looking out for their own survival needs and sub-consciously creates a micro-bubble awareness for themselves and the close-knit of family/friends in their immediate circle.

It takes much more effort to act and give of ones’ time, energy, belongings, and intention to others for compassionate, benevolent, and simply a selfless notion of being kind and altruistic.

Maybe this settle gesture makes us feel better about ourselves, helps us to connect with others on a positive vibrating level and gives us an empathetic point of view?

More than those positive feelings and “pats on the back,” however, science has proven that acts of kindness and selflessness toward others and the environment around us equate to being happier, living longer, and better mental and physical overall health.

Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ―  Brian Tracey

People don’t have to feel like they have to adopt a small third world country of a hundred mile highway to feel like they are making a difference in people’s life and the world around us.

I believe that even small, secret notions of selflessness, such as picking up trash on the side of the street (so animals do not ingest or die from the garbage through strangulation) or even putting back books at the bookstore after browsing (because it is the right thing to do and will save someone else the time to do it) are simple acts of kindness.

We are models for the people around us, and for our family and friends. If we get used to doing such acts of good and right-ness, our internal and external wellbeing are directly reflected.

Below is a list that describes positive effects:

❊ The “helper’s high”

This is a term labeled for the positive hormones released from the brain after helping others. This hormone boosts immune systems and combats the stress hormone that suppresses it.

❊ Acts of kindness

Helping others and being socially connected helps decreases stress hormones and boosts heart health and other cardiovascular diseases.

❊ Smiling toward others

Thinking good thoughts, writing positive words, letters or thoughts down lowers blood pressure.

❊ Oxytocin

Oxytocin is produced and released into the body when acts of kindness are performed and repeated. This is the feel-good hormone that builds the trust, bonding, and feelings of love in a person.

❊ Being altruistic and compassionate toward youngsters

Especially infants from birth through childhood years helps to foster and build “mirror neurons” that help those children emulate and pass on kindness onto others.

❊ The brain’s natural feel-good chemicals

Dopamine and endorphins are released, which act like morphine and fuels into the reward circuitry (another stress response reducer).

Not only will people feel happier and calmer in the mind, but the neurological and endocrine systems of the body are also being caressed with positivity.

❊ Being compassionate and altruistic

These make people more attractive because of the positive energy and confidence they exude (may result from all the good hormones running through the body and lower stress levels that combat aging).


Look for an organization, community group, meet-up group, activity, non-profit or cause in the local or regional area that you would like to be a part of, volunteer with or simply gather more information. Even spreading the knowledge through social media is a great way to step outside of yourself and make our Earth a better and more loving place to be.


Sources: WebMd, Science Daily

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