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Meditation and How to Love


In order to Love, we must first Understand.
In order to Understand, we must Appreciate.
In order to Appreciate, we must Perceive.
In order to Perceive, we must Purify our senses.

Our  senses are the instruments through which we experience the physical world.

Our bodies are the housing for them.

Without a body, we would have no sensory experience, and therefore no physical experience of  life.

In a stressed physiology, the senses are more calloused—either dulled by a physical disconnection to the body or overall distractedness from the present  moment.

As we release stress through meditation, we find ourselves becoming more attuned to our body, our senses, and to the  present moment.

The result  is a richer experience of life—the senses  enliven and we perceive everything with more vibrancy and with greater subtlety.

As our perception of the physical world enlivens, we  can appreciate it more.

This appreciation sharpens our ability to understand the world around us, and the more we understand, the more  we are able to Love.

Those are the mechanics of how our twice-daily meditation practice brings about a richer and more loving experience of life.


For more information on how to meditate and the benefits of meditation, please visit www.greentreemeditation.com

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