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Natural Sore Throat Soother Remedy (Kaley Wirthlin)

Natural Sore Throat Soother Remedy (Kaley Wirthlin)


Green Boot Living guest blogger, Kaley, writes another great article on soothing the sore throat using raw organic apple cider vinegar. "This is my mother’s great sore throat home remedy.  It works wonders on a sore throat.  I have used this home remedy for over 15 years successfully."

1 T Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 T Raw honey a
8 ounces filtered water

Warm up the water on the stove- to your preference.  Pour and let cool in mug.  Add vinegar and honey.  Stir.  Sip throughout the day.  I also drink it cold sometimes and it still works wonders.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great remedy for sore throats, but also has many other great health benefits, “Vinegar can do everything from relieving muscle pain from exercise, balancing pH levels, soothing sore throats, and normalizing weight and helping to maintain levels of cholesterol already in the normal range.

Externally, it is effective in supporting healthy skin and hair. Use it topically to give yourself a vinegar facial for toning or clearing up non-cystic acne and exfoliating dry dull skin. Gently rub your skin with a soft cotton ball dipped in vinegar and watch your skin glow! It’s also great for animals.

Use it as a soothing after-bath rinse for cats and dogs to eliminate dry skin. Just as with people, it is also helpful in older animals. The high acidity and powerful enzymes in apple cider vinegar also supports a healthy scalp. Try a rinse of apple cider vinegar after you wash your hair. It gives hair incredible shine and bounce!”



For more information or related articles, please visit Kaley's website, http://greenbootliving.com.

photo credit: WebMD, ajualuv.me, berriesandbees.com

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