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Natural Ways to Deflect EMF Radiation In the Body

Natural Ways to Deflect EMF Radiation In the Body


Everything on Earth has a specific vibrational frequency. Humans have a certain vibration field which has to be maintained at specific levels to ensure optimal wellness. The frequency basically means the way in which molecules or atoms of all matter “spin” around one another – under the microscopic eye.

Our vibration field is in harmony with other humans, animals, and plants. This synergistic energy, or aura, can be disturbed when other disharmonious frequencies constantly interfere with it.

Many modern technologies, such as computer screens, laptops, television sets, radio hi-fi systems, microwave ovens, WIFI connections, smart meters, and the commonly used cell-phone, all have electromagnetic waves in order to carry out transmission functions.

Unfortunately, these frequencies are extremely dis-harmonizing to the human vibration speed.

When our own vibration field is disharmonious, our meridian clocks are disturbed, immunity is compromised, natural recovery and rejuvenation abilities are reduced and overall wellness can drop.

Some studies have shown internal blood cells and tissue change in molecular structures after being exposed to simply cell phone radiation after a short 20 minutes of technological exposure.

Electromagnetic Frequency vibrations, or EMF radiation

is known to harm our body’s natural disharmony and causes more impact on children than on adults as developing kids are still growing and their defense may not be as strong yet.

They bring about headaches, irritability or fatigue after using technological devices or being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies in proximity, for a prolonged period of time.

Fortunately, much as modern society has given ourselves a lot of headaches (literally), we also have more and smarter devices to help resolve these problems – the intelligent way. By introducing devices to harmonize these disrupting frequencies around us, we can reduce the harms on the body.

One such example is the EMF deflector cell phone chip which is increasingly popular. The chip is made with special tachyon technology—where the molecules are aligned in a specific way to achieve the purpose of generating a counter-vibration to the disrupting cell phone waves.

✪ Natural ways of deflecting EMF radiation in the body through food and supplements include:

1. All cabbage family plants protect the cells from the damaging effects of radiation.

❧ arugula
❧ turnips
❧ radishes❧ cauliflower
❧ mustard greens
❧ bok choy
❧ Brussels sprouts
❧ broccoli d’rappe
❧ kale
❧ collards
❧ broccoli

2. Japanese researchers found that diets high in carotenes significantly reduced DNA damage in humans exposed to radiation.

Supplements of beta-carotene (or of vitamins C or E) did not show this effect.

Eating lots of orange and dark green foods can protect you from radiation-induced cancers. Holy Basil also shows some promise for protection from radiation poisoning.

❧ sweet potatoes
❧ winter squash
❧ beets
❧ carrots
❧ kale
❧ collards
❧ chard
❧ spinach

3. Miso broth is the classic food for prevention of radiation damage.

There’s twice the protection if a quarter-ounce/5-grams of dried kelp seaweed is added to the soup.

In scientific studies, seaweed was able to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the human body. Researchers at McGill University say radioactive strontium binds to the align in brown seaweeds to create sodium alginate, a compound easily and harmlessly excreted.

4. Both black and green tea shows radio protective effects, whether taken before or after exposure to radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

Among other modes of operation, tea catechins absorb radioactive isotopes and remove them from the body before they do damage. The action is similar to that of sodium alginate (the“active ingredient” in kelp seaweed).

5. Reishi, or cordyceps (mushrooms) reduces damage from radiation.

6. St. Joan’s/John’s Wort oil protects skin from radiation damage.

It can be used as sunscreen and is effective in preventing and treating sunburns.

✪ Take It Outside

Another excellent way to de-magnetize and ground your body is simply to go outside, take off the shoes and walk in the earth, grass, or the sand for at least 5 minutes (optimal is at least 30 minutes).

Mother Earth has amazing healing energies from her inner core and found in her soil. Being outside, around green, vibrant and alive properties will help ground your vibration, re energize you, lower your stress levels, boost immunity, keep you present and attuned with the natural rhythms of life.

✪ Grounding and Healing Crystals

Grounding crystals help balance the body, mind, and spirit by clarifying and bringing into homeostasis our emotions and sense of well being.  There are a good handful of strong crystals that do amazing grounding work found at wonderful sources such as www.bodysoulmind.net.


Resources: lessemf.com, livestrong.com, needbalance.com, livelongercleanse.com, bodysoulmind.net


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