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Nausea: Pregnancy, Vertigo, Headaches, Motion Sickness- Foods that Help

Nausea: Pregnancy, Vertigo, Headaches, Motion Sickness- Foods that Help


Whether you are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, have a bad case of vertigo that won’t go away, foodborne illness, hormone-induced head pains, have sinus headaches from environmental high pressure or have equilibrium challenges from movement or unstable inner ear liquids, nausea is a lingering nemesis that is ruining your ability to function. Chronic nausea takes every ounce of movement your body completes and exacerbates the un-comfortableness, leaving you miserable. People who suffer from nausea (one form or another) probably experience food aversions and refrains from eating, the thought of food may stimulate gag reflexes. Some research shows a large portion of people, especially women, who experience nausea, do so because they are not eating and drinking enough nourishment and have low blood sugar.

Below are testaments’ provided by mothers, regular nausea going survivors, scientists and doctors with their suggested list and variety of foods that have helped to relieve the worst nausea symptoms.

✰ Ginger Ale
✰ Ginger tea
✰ Ginger chews
✰ Ginger hard candy
✰ Preggy-Pops (Like Jolly Ranchers-Hard Candy)
✰ Chew peppermint or spearmint (xylitol) gum
✰ Peppermint Mints
✰ Soda crackers, saltines, natural animal crackers
✰ Fresh or frozen fruit: organic grapes, tangerines, apples, pears, pineapples, and mangos
✰ Vegetables: rhubarb, corn, lettuce, celery, carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes
✰ Fruit smoothies with greek yogurt✰ Lemon water
✰ Oatmeal
✰ Toast (Sprouted or Whole Grain)
✰ Brown Rice, Millet or Barley
✰ Whole grain cereal
✰ Teriyaki tofu
✰ Seaweed/Nori snacks
✰ Bagels with a small amount of cream cheese or a little organic egg
✰ Salt
✰ Salted and Roasted Almonds
✰ Nut butter sandwiches
✰ Bland Chicken or vegetable/miso broth soup with tofu
✰ Baked Snap Pea/Green Beans with light salted seasoning
✰ Salted or Plain Bean Chips (baked and made from garbanzo, black or pinto beans)
✰ Electrolyte water (Propel, Gatorade, Coconut water)
✰ Additionally, drink plenty of water. Dehydration aggravates nausea.
✰ Take your prenatal and multi-daily vitamins or up your B6 (50 mg/day)
✰ Move your body everyday by going out to take long walks in the park or by a beach/lake or practice yoga
✰ Sleep more
✰ Acupressure, Acupuncture or other pressure point gadgets may help
✰ Essential oils ( doTerra Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils: Ginger Oil, Peppermint, Digest Zen)


For more information, visit: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/shop-home


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