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Play With Your Food! (Jeanine Tiemeyer)

Play With Your Food! (Jeanine Tiemeyer) 


The next time you grab a bite to eat and are munching away, I invite you to ponder a question: What part of me chose this particular food? 

As someone who works with people's energy and intention, I often get to pay attention to a client's relationship with food.  Sometimes it is a healthy relationship, and sometimes it is a battle of urban warfare.  Most people have many different influences on their choices of nourishment and use some combination of what I will describe here.

Some very common examples are: 

 If you find that you are eating with your taste buds, you'll have something salty, fatty, or sweet in your hand that may or may not have a positive overall effect on your energy level.  That fast burger and fries with a shake is oh so tasty!  About an hour later, notice how your body feels, and it might not be ready for a brisk walk and some fresh air. 

If you let your brain control your diet, your hand will reach for something decadent, then at the last possible second you'll overcome yourself and go for some disappointing salad.  The struggle might leave you feeling slightly (or very) deprived, and you'll start negotiating with yourself about how soon you can next permit yourself to grab your favorite indulgence.  Until then, you'll declare victory on your less than perfect self. 

Everybody knows what their comfort food is.  What is it you choose when you feel the first sniffles of a cold and you make an emergency run to the store to stock up on that special something? 

Sometimes you'll be in balance.  You'll be able to let your brain, body, and emotions work together and make choices that leave you energized and satisfied. 

I invite you to play a little game with yourself.  Take the pressure off and have an adventure!  What foods do your taste buds favor that still leave you feeling good?  What calorie-conscious meals can still be satisfying?  Do you run for your comfort food every day or just enjoy it on special occasions?  The same food often works in different ways for different people. Play with your food choices and explore what really works for you! 

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