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Slim Down For Summer

How to Get Slimmer for Summer


Slim down and lather up! Summer is here and so is the promise of outdoor barbeques, pool parties, and warmer weather, all of which come with more revealing clothing.

Is your body ready?

Summer often sneaks up on us and leaves little time to hit the gym and shed a few extra pounds. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to help trim your waistline and give your confidence a little boost!

✬ Eat More Protein

Eating more protein can transform your body into a lean, fat burning machine! Protein is important for fat loss because it helps form the building blocks of muscle.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest! Aim for 30 grams of protein at each meal and if you’re having meat, opt for lean protein such turkey or chicken breast.

Be careful of snack bars and processed foods that boast high amounts of protein because they often contain lots of hidden sugar that will work against your weight loss goals!

✬Move More

Some days it’s nearly impossible to find time to be active or fit in a workout, but there are simple ways to burn a few extra calories in your daily routine.

Try to take the stairs whenever possible, or park farther away from your destination to get a little more walking in.

If that’s not possible, try to incorporate some movement into home activities, like lifting small weights or walking on a treadmill as you catch up on your favorite TV show!

✬Take 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D Daily

Did you know that more than 45% of the population is deficient in vitamin D?

This could explain why so many Americans are overweight, as there is a direct correlation of low levels of vitamin D and obesity.

New studies have found that taking 5,000 IUs of vitamin D may help boost metabolism and support healthy weight loss, making a vitamin D supplement a must for your summer slim down!

✬Battle the Bloat

Do you ever feel confident in your swimsuit one day only to feel like a beached whale the next?

Bloating is an unsightly effect of improper gut bacteria and can really take a toll on your beach body.

So what can you do to battle the bloat?

This is where a daily probiotic comes in!

Probiotics are a great way to battle belly bloat because they replenish your gut’s healthy bacteria balance. Even if you don’t experience bloating, taking a daily probiotic to support healthy gut flora can help maintain your figure.

Things like stress, processed foods, alcohol, medication and illnesses can throw your gut bacteria off balance, which often leads to weight gain. So take a daily probiotic.

Everyone wants to feel more comfortable in their own skin and with these few simple adjustments in your daily routine, you can do just that. So if you’re looking to slim down for summer, be sure to break out these tips before you hit the beach!

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