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Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Home and Work Space: Part 1

Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Home and Work Space: Part 1


When surrounded by mess, the human body releases "cortisol"—a hormone that suppresses the immune system.

When the clutter is cleared, endorphins are released that makes your well-being take a positive turn. This should be old news to most, and why the term "spring cleaning" for the mind, body, spirit and environment should be mandatory for each person to complete on their own.

Spring cleaning the body in form of a detox can be as easy as ridding the junk from your daily plate, or as involved as juicing for 21-30 days to rid body of excess toxins. For a more general spring clean of the mind, home and work space, keep reading!

Adhere to the simple saying


and your home or office will have more harmonious feelings, allowing you to feel more relaxed and less stressed.

1. Reach out for the simple life.
2. Get rid of anything that is not useful, does not lift you up (including people) and things that do not bring you joy or are not pleasant to the eyes and spirit.
3. Be kind to yourself, your family, your home and your workplace.

Additional rules of self-spring cleaning:

1. More time for yourself:

The time we would have spent organizing, worrying, obsessing over what we could have and don't have and maintaining all unnecessary stuff, will be free to be used for something else. Something we love and prefer doing. Make time to sit still and meditate.

2. More discipline:

We do not feel overwhelmed anymore when we have less to worry about, when our eyes are not boggled down with things-to-be-done, and thus we can have a lot more discipline in our daily schedule.

With decluttering, the distractions and visual over simulations go away and we can focus on organizing our days and do more. It is a lot easier to have a nice and organized system when you have less to worry about.

3. More time:

Imagine you have a lot less to clean. Less to store. Less to buy. Less to sell or get rid of. If you have less stuff and less to do, you will automatically gain more time.

Time is the most valuable possessions we all have.
Don't replace it with stuff.
Don't waste it.
Life is short.
Instead of buying more, do more service for others. Volunteer with your time. Teach your children how to give instead of how to consume.

4. More space:

Many times we feel like we don't have enough room. It just feels too crowded in our homes. We feel like we need to move to a bigger house, so we can fit in all our stuff.

But here is a simpler solution.

Have less stuff. Reduce your belongings and you will see how much more space you end up with. Go through your drawers and cabinets and get rid of things you have not used for the past year.

Let them go and enjoy the empty spaces.

5. More mental room for progress:

Clutter drains our mental energy. When we de-clutter, our minds become free and we have more time and mental energy to think and plan about future progress.

6. More control over your life:

De-cluttering makes our tasks a lot more manageable and easier to deal with. The less stuff we have, the easier to control everything in our life.

Clutter makes our mind loose control.

7. More energy:

In Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, the flow of the energy is an important matter. The believe is that the more space the energy has, to flow, the healthier a home will be.

But also in our lives, with less stuff, we will not have to spend our energy and time taking care of useless material matter.

We will have, instead, a lot more energy for doing what we love (making memories, creating experiences, offering service).



Sources: step-by-step-declutter.com, thegreenminamalist.com

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