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Stones and Gems for Grounding (Grounds 1st/Base Root Chakra)

Stones and Gems for Grounding (Grounds 1st/Base Root Chakra)


One of my favorite uses for stones and gems is for the purpose of feeling grounded, rooted in a solid foundation of comfort and decisiveness. Without getting too metaphysical, to be grounded means to allow the energy inside of your body flow alongside the energy and the environment around you (in a complete circle or circuit. This will allow for optimal health and wellness because a good sense of grounding means you feel good at where you are at that moment in time. Many people use meditation or another type of calming hobby/exercise to practice grounding. Taking your shoes off and walking barefoot in grass or sand or simply sitting down on Mother Earth are both great ways to ground.

Dorothy Laskey, a great crystal and gem master writes, “In scientific terms, grounding is the process of removing the excess charge on an object by means of the transfer of electrons between it and another object of substantial size (such as the ground or the Earth). An effective ground is simply an object with significant enough size to share the overwhelming majority of excess charge. (And what better way to ground ourselves than with the Earth itself?).

Stones and gems have amazing grounding properties. When people are grounded, they feel more connected to their inner self and to their environment. Their minds flow free of negative chatter and they are more proficient and happier in performing daily tasks. My favorite gems and stones to wear is listed below. For optimal usage, try dabbing essential oils that calm the senses, such as lavender, or doTerra’s balance. Using stones and gems as a diffuser is a great way to take the grounding element with you, even if you are in “flight” and traveling or moving about.

Grounding Stones (Base Root/ 1st Chakra Grounding)

Baltic Amber

This is a strong protector and absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces. Relieves pain due to inflammation. Great for teething in babies and arthritis or other joint and muscle pain in adults. Its strong connection to the Earth makes it a grounding stone for higher energies.

Black Opal

She is one of the gentlest and understanding grounding beings. Guides wearer toward better self-acceptance and negative self-thoughts.

Black Onyx, Lava Rock and Obsidian

These are all dark black rocks. Both lava and obsidian are formed from molten lava. Obsidian is a glass volcanic rock, and like its cousin the lava rock, it helps to clear thoughts and protect the wearer. These all can be worn for a few days without clearing, as the energies are more deflective than absorbent. Black onyx soothes the wearer and helps him/her focus and rid negative energy.


Jasper helps us release our tendencies to over think or over analyze situations. It allows us to see beyond our disillusionment toward a brighter future, bringing a sense of fun. Red Jasper, in particular, is great for conflict and aggression resolution. It promotes grace and perseverance. Jaspers are great stones that promote good luck, especially for travel.


Total god energy grounding. Best for high acceleration states, gaining awareness and acting as quickly as the lesson is learned. Can be worn very often and does not need clearing as often as it is a more dense stone. Aids in taking the energy of action and grounding it into manifestation quickly, when in alignment with Source.

Black Tourmaline

Helps to expand vision and clarity and integrates higher learning into wisdom. Protects against negativity and rids body and energy field of smog and negative electromagnetic fields. Rids body and mind of negative thoughts.

Hematite and Magnetic Hematite

Great for realigning chakras, and meridians within the body, Aids in ridding pain in the shoulder, back, any chronic structural pain in the joints bones or muscles.


This offers more of an energy of spiritual protection. When in resonance with its high-frequency vibrations, negative energies and entities cannot connect or hang on to your energy field.

Quartz (White and Smoky)

These absorb and transmutes negative energies within the environment. Wearing these grounds wearer it into the Earth. Smoky Quartz blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog (a good one to place between yourself and the source of these energies. It could be placed on your computer desk to help avoid exposure). It is also very helpful in alleviating stress in your life.


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