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The Importance of Using Organic/Natural Skin, Hair and Nail Products

The Importance of Using Organic/Natural Skin, Hair and Nail Products


Natural and organic products are increasingly becoming more and more popular.

The term ‘natural’ tends to denote products that are free from synthetic compounds and ingredients, though there is no concrete regulation on the definition by any governing party.

It is a problem when companies slap this word or similar words on a product label, including foods.

Generally, natural shampoos and hair products contain beneficial natural plant and herb extracts that provide a ton of positive results for the hair and scalp, but further investigation into the root of the company and its true operating philosophies is key.

Benefits of using natural or organic shampoos and hair products are:

✽ Promotes hair growth by naturally stimulating the hair follicles
✽ May use natural oils, minerals, and herbal extracts in product formula so hair follicles are able to naturally maintain moisture and improve the overall condition
✽ Most natural products are hypo or non-allergenic products (read labels), which may it more suitable for most all skin types, including sensitive skins
✽ Natural shampoos have no or only natural occurring aromas and fragrances and colors
✽ They are environmentally friendly because manufacturers tend to use bio-degradable and Earth-friendly materials and production practices.
✽ Many organic shampoo and products have beta-glucan, which is known to have an immune-enhancing ability that can help cure scalp with inflamed cells.
✽ My personal favorite brands are the Mineral Fusion and John Masters line.

Benefits of using natural or organic lotions:

Natural products are mostly found in the form of ointments or creams, which are quickly absorbed by the layers of skin. People with sensitive skin often find that organic skin care products are gentler than traditional, conventional and “big brand” products.

Some experts agree that natural and organic products can better offer skin the solutions that the ingredients and overall products in regular skin care lines just cannot compete with, such as improved skin clarity and a glowing complexion without the use of harsh irritants.

I am a very big believer in homemade lotions and oils made with essential oils, or with 3-4 ingredients.

My favorites are

✯ Mineral Fusion
✯ 100% Pure
✯ Avalon
✯ John Masters
✯ Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
✯ The Naked Bee
✯ other brands made without alcohol, sulfates and artificial ingredients

Benefits of using natural or organic makeup and facial products:

All-natural and organic makeup and facial products are not free of synthetic ingredients, chemicals, wax, preservatives or additives that enhance the look and feel of regular makeup.

Brands that suggest they are “mineral made” or “all natural” can contain genetically modified ingredients, cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde and other toxic components that are slathered and seeped into the skin on a daily basis.

So, be informed and educated on exactly which companies have  trusted reputations and which ones do not. True organic makeup has essential vitamins and minerals which help to improve the health of your skin.

Organic cosmetics are odor-less or have a very faint scent.

They are free of unnatural sweet-smelling fragrances and synthetic preservatives such as petroleum jelly, inorganic oils, acetones, and propylene glycol. These contain post-processing residues that can irritate the skin and sometimes cause redness, itching or even unsightly pimples and boils.”

This makes organic makeup ideal for persons with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation.

Most all organic makeup is made from natural organic ingredients that include:

❖ Aloe Vera

which contains healing properties that nourishes skin.

❖ Shea Butter

which moisturizes, nourishes and hydrates your skin.

❖ Macadamia Nut Oil

which improves the appearance of dry-looking skin.

❖ Primrose Oil

which is a soothing and hydrating substance for the skin.

❖ Green Tea Extract

which is an antioxidant which reduces the signs of aging.

Additional ingredients found in popular products that everyone should be aware of and begin switching to organic products without them, include:

✗ Nail Polish or nail care products:

Contains Acetone, Acetaldehyde, and Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), DMDM Hydantoin, which are all body and organ irritants known to cause cancer.

✗ Bubble Baths, Cleansers, and Shampoos:

Contains Alkylphenol Ethoxylates- may reduce sperm count.

✗ Anti-Aging Lotions:

Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid- destroys skin cells, creating adverse effects, Diazolidinyl Urea- causes neurotoxicity

✗ Deodorants especially anti-sweat:

Contains Aluminum shown to cause cancer

✗ Skin, Hair Dyes and Hair Bleaching:

May contain Ammonium Persulfate which is known to disrupt immune system and digestive system, Benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride and lauryl dimonium hydrolysed collagen- known toxins and allergens

✗ Lotions:

Carboxymethylcellulose, Butylparaben, Bronopol, Benzoyl Peroxide, artificial dyes and smells, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coumarin, DEA: Diethanolamine, Elastin

✗ Cosmetics:

Disodium EDTA, Ethyl acrylate- causes skin and eye irritants and toxicity

The entire list of possible toxic ingredients in everyday skin, nail and hair care products used in your home, please visit purezing.com. This is a very thorough list. Be informed and get interested in exactly how these toxins are creeping into our body systems and how you can choose to avoid them.

Additional Sources: MindBodyGreen.com, NaturalSkinCareLove.com, Total Beauty.com

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