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Top Foods That Melt Away Anxiety, Worry and Stress

Top Foods That Melt Away Anxiety, Worry and Stress


There are certain power foods in most of our reach that can help fight off the feelings of nervousness, anxiety, worry, and stress. While there are no magic foods or pills out there, people should know that incorporating specific foods have been scientifically proven to calm nerves and lift the mood. A general key when it comes to foods that reduce stress and anxiety is to find foods that are high in zinc, iron, B vitamins, vitamin C, iodine and magnesium (commonly lost from the body during the stress response). The following are my favorite picks for go-to-options when feeling worried, anxious or nervous and stressed. Also, remember to de-stress with daily meditation practice and exercise.

✫ Blue-Green Algae, Seaweed, Sea Kelp, Sea Vegetables

One of the richest in complete minerals and nutrient food sources on this earth is blue-green algae and sea vegetables. They are extremely high in chlorophyll, macronutrients, and phytochemicals and they have amazing amounts of magnesium (a natural anxiety reducer), as well as high tryptophan content (the same comfort that makes people happy and sleepy after a turkey dinner).  Sea vegetables also help to detoxify the blood and negative energy (both figuratively and literally).

✫ Herbal Teas and Essential Oils 

Chamomile, melatonin, kava and passionflower herbal teas will help to relax the nervous system and help people relax. Drinking them when anxiety seems to peak is a great natural remedy. Peruvian ginseng and Rhodiola contain adaptogens that help promote calm energy. These herbs also embody alkaloids that have been found to help support the endocrine system and fight stress and fatigue. 

Essential Oils of the highest grade that you can ingest include lavender, frankincense, bergamot, clary sage, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and peppermint oil.

Goji and Blueberries

Goji berries are loaded with thiamin B1 and magnesium, both of which help the body maintain sleep, raise mood levels, and boost energy. Both goji berries and blueberries are rich in antioxidants that combat stress and have a calming effect (magnesium) after eating.

Sprouted Raw Almonds

Sprouted (soaked almonds in filtered water for 10-14 hours) almonds are easier to digest, yield higher bioavailable protein, iron and nourishing omega 3. Almonds also contain both zinc and vitamin B12 – both key nutrients for maintaining a balanced mood. Iron helps to maintain brain functioning, which fights anxiety and diminishing energy.

✫ Organic Dark Chocolate (70 % Cocoa)

If you select 70% organic, pure dark chocolate without the added sugars or milks, you will be eating a great mood boosting, antioxidant rich tasty treat that lifts anxiety and stress, reduces the stress hormone cortisol (belly fat) and other nervous symptoms. Dark chocolate has a good source of magnesium, copper, potassium and iron. Try dark cocoa covered kale chips. They blend the best of two healthy worlds. 

Maca Root

This Amazonian popular superfood is now available in most grocery stores and health food stores and served as a powder which is mixed into beverages. The root has most of the phytonutrients and compared to other fruits and vegetables, the maca root is reported to yield more magnesium and iron than any other! Maca root is used most commonly for boosting energy and also as a natural way to regulate hormones.



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