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Top Vitamin D Benefits for Women

Top Vitamin D Benefits for Women


If you are a woman, you’re at risk of a Vitamin D deficiency. You’ve probably heard how important vitamin D is for women or seen lots of scary posters about it in your doctor’s office.

And they’re right! Vitamin D deficiency can have serious health consequences, especially for women. If this alone doesn’t make you stock up on a daily vitamin D supplement, then these surprising Vitamin D benefits just might!

Just as women are more at risk for vitamin D deficiency than men, the vitamin may also benefit women more than men.

Many women only become aware of the importance of vitamin D after scary topics like osteoporosis come up at their doctor’s office later in life.

The risks of deficiency do increase as you get older, but women of every age should be taking a proper vitamin D supplement too – both to be proactive and to enjoy its many benefits!

Here are the top vitamin D benefits for women:

1. It Aids In Fertility

Many women struggle with infertility, but vitamin D can offer a little hope! Some studies suggest that vitamin D plays an important role in decreasing infertility by up to 75%.

Researchers have also found that optimal levels of vitamin D by supplementation (5,000 IU) can increase women’s chances of conceiving naturally and improve success with in-vitro fertilization.

2. It Supports A Strong Immune System

Vitamin D plays a very important role in destroying foreign pathogens that make our bodies sick and weak.

It enables cells to go into alert mode and get rid of free radicals that can cause extensive damage, inflammation and other immune issues.

And a healthy immune system is critical for women, especially those struggling with fertility.

Many fertility issues and problems during pregnancy are preventable by maintaining and supporting a strong immune system.

3. It Can Help You Maintain Strong Bones

We were all told to drink our milk when we were little to help build strong bones, but supporting your bone health shouldn’t end after childhood! Brittle bones and bone loss happen as we age, especially as women approach menopause.

But there is good news! Taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D each day can help increase the absorption of calcium from food and help prevent brittle bones as you get older.

4. It Helps Support Your Digestive Health

It’s hard to eat well if you’re a do-it-all mom.

On busy days, some meals probably consist of a handful of animal cookies while packing your kid’s lunch. Sometimes these unhealthy foods are unavoidable, but the bloating that comes with them doesn’t have to be!

Feeding your gut with optimal levels of vitamin D has been found to increase digestive anti-microbial molecules that are essential to maintaining healthy gut flora. Research shows strong evidence that a daily oral intake of 5,000 IU of vitamin D helps recover your gut bacteria balance.

A healthy gut bacteria balance can help prevent bloating which might just help you fit into that little black dress again!

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, especially for women. Taking a daily supplement with 5,000 IU of vitamin D is easy, inexpensive and incredibly beneficial, no matter what your age!

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