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Unleashing Our Full Potential (Christian Bevacqua)

Unleashing Our Full Potential (Christian Bevacqua)


In our tradition, we practice meditation for twenty minutes twice daily, locating the deep inner silence we call Being. In the early days of meditation, we must close our eyes in order to have this experience. As we progress with our meditation practice, Being stabilizes in the eyes-open state. It becomes imprinted on our waking state and we are no longer dependent on sitting quietly in meditation in order to experience it. We notice an overall inner calm while engaged in an activity, and near unlimited reserves of adaptability which progresses toward a stress-free existence.

Through this progression, dynamic activity outside of meditation is the necessary ingredient which causes stabilization. We meditate, engage in an activity, meditate again, engage in more activity, and on and on. Like a cloth that is dipped in dye and then hung out in the sun to fade, repeating this process causes the cloth to become colorfast—no amount of dye or sun impacts the color of the cloth. Like that, the alternation of meditation and activity stabilizes Being in the eyes-open state. Simply leaving the cloth in the dye for hours or days will not make it colorfast, and the same is true for meditation.

Meditation is knowledge of the Self, and that knowledge is for Action. Desires are the delivery mechanism which puts this knowledge into action, and charm is the navigation system. A desire bubble up in our awareness, and we follow charm (that which is intuitively attractive and experientially frictionless), leaping into the unknown while letting go of any attachment to specific outcomes or timings.

The vast majority of the population uses on average between 2% and 10% of available brain power. Scientific studies have documented that within and outside of meditation, meditators use more and more of the brain's organizing power. We are unleashing our full potential, making ourselves available for the type action worthy of our high-quality attention—something that will bring more awareness to the world consciousness.

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