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What do you know about GMO's? An Unbiased Look.

What do you know about GMO's? An Unbiased Look. 


There is simply so much information regarding Genetically Modified Organisms and the way our food is grown, produced and harvested from the "farm" to the table.

Most of this information people may argue, especially in California, is misleading and spun a certain way to profit the big agricultural, pharmaceutical, fast food and oil tycoons of our modern times.

With the recent election and California's denied Proposition 37, the issue of GMOs and questioning what our food is made of, how it is grown, where it is grown, and whether it should be labeled just so, raised much concern across the world, as people begin and continue to demand answers to a devastating health crisis that is rapidly changing our DNA.

But still, even with such issues being discussed (what can be more important than our health and the health of our children, grandchildren and following generations), with an overwhelming slap across the face that sent concerned people back to the drawing board, the public is yet again left to believe that because our checkbooks would suffer, we are better off not knowing and shouldn't down right know about the food we are given to buy from the honchos.

Did this article say it was unbiased?

My apologies. Let me offer some unbiased facts: 

This infographic was created by Kristin Lindquist  http://visual.ly/users/kristinlindquist. I have also written an article about GMO's and its dangers.

Please access the article here: http://truthnhealth.com/2012/01/10-dangers-of-genetically-modified-foods-foods-that-contain-them/ 

Meanwhile, continue to question where our food comes from and where it is grown. Read and educate yourself and your family everything from labels to news articles regarding the progress pertaining to this issue. 




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