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What Is Color Energy and How to Apply it to Daily Life

What Is Color Energy and How to Apply it to Daily Life


Many experts believe and can prove that the most important energy source currently is light, and all the colors visible and invisible to the human eye (entire spectrum of colors) is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet.

For a more scientific explanation provided by Colour Energy to shine light on how color energy concept works is this: "Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our being. And light does not travel alone. Light travels with other energies as illustrated on the right."

The colors of the visible light, or common rainbow consist of seven different frequencies and these frequencies have been found not only in human bodies, but prove to have different effects on the body. Light flows through our optic nerves and triggers hormone production, which influences the entire biochemical system. This biochemical system affects our being at the most fundamental levels.

Below is a general overview of each of the visible light spectrum colors and some of the meanings and oils that operate on the same vibrational wavelength and frequency.

Red: The Body

Essential Oil: Oakmoss
Main Life Lesson: Connect to parents, tribe; survive; procreate.
The color red is the source of our vitality, leadership, strength, courage, and will.

Too Much Red:

✻ Aggression
✻ Trouble Sleeping
✻ Egotistic
✻ Greedy
✻ Domineering

Too Little Red:

✻ Lack of confidence
✻ Feel Weak
✻ Fearful
✻ Fear of being abandoned

When you have the perfect amount of Red:

✻ Centered
✻ Grounded
✻ Healthy
✻ Unlimited physical energy

Orange: The Emotions

Essential Oil: Neroli
Main Life Lesson: Connect to others; boundaries; sensuality; power.
The color Orange is our power center, the seat of our emotions and intuition.

Too Much Orange:

✻ Emotionally Explosive
✻ Obsessed with Sex
✻ Manipulative
✻ Dominant in a relationship
✻ Hyperactivity

Too Little Orange:

✻ Imbalance of power
✻ Resentful
✻ Sensitive
✻ Distrustful
✻ Not open with your feelings

When you have the balance and the perfect amount of Orange:

✻ Friendly
✻ Creative
✻ Optimistic
✻ Caring
✻ Connected to your feelings

Yellow: The Intellect

Essential Oil: Bergamot
Main Life Lessons: Inner power; self-esteem; self-acceptance.
The color Yellow is the site of our intellectual and personal power and our sense of self.

Too Much Yellow:

✻ Workaholic
✻ Perfectionist
✻ Demanding
✻ Judgmental
✻ Sexually Unfulfilled

Too Little Yellow:

✻ Low opinion of yourself
✻ Depressed
✻ Insecure
✻ Poor self-esteem
✻ Jealous and distrustful

When you have the perfect amount of Yellow:

✻ Outgoing
✻ Happy
✻ Respectful
✻ Personal Power
✻ Relaxed

Green: The Heart

Essential Oil: Rose/Jasmine
Main Life Lessons: Compassion and forgiveness
The color Green is the site of our loving, kind, tolerant and compassion towards others around us.

Too Much Green:

✻ Too Sensitive
✻ Demanding
✻ Melodramatic
✻ Possessive

Too Little Green:

✻ Don’t forgive or trust others
✻ Paranoid
✻ Indecisive
✻ Feel unworthy of love

When you have the perfect amount of Green:

✻ Balanced
✻ Nurturing
✻ Friendly
✻ Empathetic
✻ Sees the world with love

Blue: Communication

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus
Mail Life Lesson: Speaking your truth
The color Blue is what helps us express ourselves with truth and love.

Too Much Blue:

✻ Talk before you think
✻ Talk too much
✻ Addictive
✻ Arrogant

Too Little Blue:

✻ Unable to communicate
✻ Quite
✻ Timid
✻ Unreliable
✻ Unable to express yourself truthfully

When you have the perfect amount of Blue:

✻ Centered
✻ Artistic
✻ Good Speaker
✻ Live in the present

Violet: The Spirit

Essential Oil: Lavender
Main Life Lessons: Becoming conscious on all levels; perceiving the truth.
The color Violet is what regulates the energies between the physical and the spiritual, and helps up manifest our dreams.

Too Much Violet:

✻ Religious Fanatic
✻ Authoritarian
✻ Manipulative
✻ Big Ego

Too Little Violet:

✻ Not Assertive
✻ Undisciplined
✻ Highly Sensitive
✻ Afraid of success

When you have the perfect amount of Violet:

✻ Charismatic
✻ Connected to spirit
✻ Unafraid of death
✻ Not attracted to material things

White: The Divine

Essential Oil: Jasmine
Main Life Lesson: Surrender to higher will.
The color White is where we sense oneness and understanding with spiritual nature.

Too Much White:

✻ Easily Frustrated
✻ Depressed
✻ Destructive
✻ Don’t reach your potential

Too Little White:

✻ Depressed
✻ Indecisive
✻ Conflict with your spiritual beliefs

When you have the perfect amount of White:

✻ Open to the divine
✻ Cleansed of all negativity

❤ Colors of Love:❤

❣ Loving yourself:

Green and pink to strengthen your self-love.

❣ Finding Love:

Pink, shows that you are open to receiving and giving love.

❣ Loving a Partner:

Yellow, will help with self-esteem and confidence and Blue, for honest and effective communication.

❣ Mending Love:

Pink, to bring back the feeling of newness and create a healing atmosphere. Orange will allow you to see if fixing the relationship is best.

❣ Love and Sex:

The color red, is the primary color of passion but Orange is the color for sexuality and desire. Green or Pink will also help enhance passion.

Colors of Success:

In the wrong Career Path:

Cleanse yourself with white. Wear orange to strengthen your intuition and yellow can be helpful too. Yellow increases self-esteem and inner power.

Finding the right career path:

The color orange will help with intuition and the color green will help clear the clutter from your mind. The color purple will help you connect with your higher self and give you wisdom.

Getting through the Interview:

Wearing red will bring out your courage, and the color blue helps with effective communication.

Color Medicine:

The three essentials of Health:

1. Controlled breathing
2. Meditation
3. Yoga

Using Color to Heal Physical Ailments:


❍ Strengthens energy
❍Helps anemia
❍Helps alleviate colds, flues, and bronchitis


❍ Relives muscle strain
❍ Helps gallstones
❍ Boosts immune system


❍ Good for digestive problems
❍ Helps bladder, kidneys liver and spleen.
❍ Relieves alcohol poisoning


❍ Activates general healing
❍ Influences on heart, pulmonary and circulatory systems
❍ Influences thymus gland and immune system


❍ Very healing for children
❍ Helps headaches and inflammation
❍ Helps allergies


❍ Affects the throat, esophagus, ears, and eyes
❍ Helps lung problems
❍ Helps diabetes, arthritis and nervous ailments


❍ Affects nervous system
❍ Aids in building bone
❍ Aids brain synapse activity

Rooms to breathe in:


A very powerful response and makes a room appear smaller.


Stimulates appetite, and is often used in restaurants.


Good for where you read and/or work, it’s bright and uplifting.

Green & Blue:

Promote relaxation, and are common in bedrooms.


Helps stimulate inspiration and dreams, and also makes a room appear larger.


Needs to be balanced with pictures or plants, and makes a room appear lights or bigger.

The colors we wear have significant effects on our frequencies and output of vibration:

Good First impression:

Blue is the color of seriousness and confidence. Gold and purple are for spirituality. Pink and green are for love, while red is for high energy. Yellow shows happiness. So whatever color you go with, just remember what the color energy is.

Dressing for work:

Blue can help you communicate effectively,  and Red and yellow will increase confidence.

Even the cosmetics and makeup colors send out different vibrations:


Green promotes self –love.


Violet helps energy and inspiration.


Neutral colors and pink, will make you look naturally fresh.


Pink or taupe on eyelids leaves a fresh feeling.


Warm brown eyeshadow and earth tones to be one with nature, grounded and open to all possibilities.


Eyes can be subtle or bold, dark eyeshadow colors help you feel glamorous.


Using an orange colored powder (or light vibrant colors) will help with your joyful awareness.


Wearing green-grey eyeshadow makes eye smoky and dreamy. Wearing black mascara helps call attention to bedroom eyes.

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