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What is Oil Pulling and Its Benefits

What is Oil Pulling and Its Benefits


Got a dirty mouth? Try oil pulling. What exactly is oil pulling? Let’s just simply say it is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detoxing the mouth and body and provides an overall healthy oral atmosphere.

Below are wonderful benefits from regular oil pulling (and many benefits go beyond the mouth):

❖ Overall strengthening of the teeth and gums and jaws
❖ Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis
❖ Prevention for bad breath
❖ A holistic remedy for bleeding gums
❖ Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth, and throat
❖ Possible holistic treatment for TMJ and general soreness in the jaw area
❖ Migraine headache relief
❖ Correcting hormone imbalances
❖ Reducing inflammation of arthritis
❖ Aids in the reduction of eczema
❖ May reduce symptoms of bronchitis
❖ Helps support normal kidney function
❖ May help reduce sinus congestion
❖ Help reduce insomnia
❖ Aids in reducing pain
❖ Reduces the symptoms of allergies
❖ Helps detoxify the body of harmful metals and organisms"

More on Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is best practiced with the use of therapeutic, organic grade essential or cold pressed oils. It is this practice and use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, and gums that will help achieve beneficial lasting results.

The Art of Oil Pulling

Think of using a mouthwash. Use around a tablespoon of cold pressed organic sesame oil and pour it into your mouth, then swishing the oil around your mouth for approximately 10-15 minutes and then spitting it out. Oils such as extra virgin cold pressed coconut, fractionated coconut oils, sunflower and olive oil can all be used, but many ready-made oil pulling concoctions are made with sesame oil, which is considered by many to be one of the best oils for this practice.

What Does Oil Pulling Do?

A study showed that oil pulling with sesame oil can boost overall oral health. Specifically, using sesame oil as an oral health agent helps to reduce the amount of your germ count in both teeth plaque and mouth saliva. “Scientists believe that the lipids in the oil both pull out bacteria, as well as stop bacteria from sticking to the walls of the oral cavity.” It can lead to a healthy, glowing complexion. Because oil pulling involves "pulling" germs and toxins in the mouth that often leak into the bloodstream, affecting the entire body.


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